Our Purpose

The Playground’s vision is to be a playground for actors, artists, designers, and dreamers to use their unique voice to bring to the stage raw, honest, and relevant stories that reflect what it means to be human.

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The Playground?

The Playground represents coming of age and self discovery. It's the transition we all make from the playground of our childhood to the playground of our adulthood. Humans are constantly changing, evolving, and learning as they grow older, having new experiences and going on new adventures. The Playground is the place where you discover yourself. It’s where you make friends, develop crushes, fall down, get scrapes, bruises, and broken bones.

We tell modern stories that offer a very realistic glimpse into people’s lives as ugly, beautiful, painful, hopeful, dark, or inspiring as they can be. We depict, with as much honesty and authenticity as possible, what it means to be human and to live a life.

An emotional picture of Jimmy and Leigh from The Playground Theatre's production fo Really Really in Dayton, Ohio.
Co-founders and Artistic Directors of The Playground, Christopher Hahn and Jenna Burnette, ironically posing for a photo on an actual playground in Dayton, Ohio.

Who Are

Jenna & Chris?

We are the Co-founders and Artistic Directors. So here's our story... In 2011 a girl from Huber Heights and a boy from Bellbrook met in the Sinclair Community College Theatre Department and bonded over their love of acting. Fast forward — we fell in love and stuff and moved to Chicago to pursue our dreams. One night, in our small studio apartment, we were unable to sleep and began having a conversation that we didn’t know at the time would spark the idea for The Playground. We were fired up and full of creative energy that just couldn’t find the right outlet. We began to dream of creating our own theatre company where we could do the kind of work that we desperately wanted to do. The kind of work that would affect people in a very real way.

After a move back to Dayton, and a whole lot of soul searching, The Playground was born. And so, since 2014, we’ve produced raw, real, and relevant work that has made an impact on the Dayton arts scene. In the meantime we've bought a house, acquired 3 more cats, and continued to grow as people and artists. Together, we serve as artistic directors, producers, directors, actors, and designers.

The Playground embodies our unique voice and the way we see the world through our lens. The company evolves as we evolve. Our rule is, we won’t tell a story until we’ve reached a point in our lives where we are ready to tell it.

Playground Artists

Without great artists we couldn’t tell great stories. Here are some of the extraordinarily awesome people who are part of the Playground family.

A.J. Breslin, resident artist at the Playground Theatre
A.J. Breslin

Actor, Co-Director

Jenna Gomes - Actor and Resident Artist at The Playground Theatre
Jenna Gomes de Gruy


KB Dillingham, Actor at The Playground Theatre
KB Dillingham


Marley Masterson, The Playground Theatre
Marley Masterson

Assistant Director, Stage Manager

Rae Buchanan, actor at The Playground
Rae Buchanan


Skyler McNeeley, Actor at The Playground Theatre
Skyler McNeely


Timothy Moore, actor and board member at the Playground Theatre
Timothy Moore

Actor, Board Member