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Deirdre O'Connor

Dec 01

- Dec 04 | 2016

Emmy and Claire from The Playground Theatre's production of JAILBAIT in Dayton, Ohio

Through the course of one dizzying night at a club, JAILBAIT follows the parallel stories of two fifteen-year-old girls, desperate to grow up, and two thirty-something men who are looking to be twenty-one again...

This is Our Youth

Kenneth Lonergan

Sep 01

- Sep 04 | 2016

The cast of This Is Our Youth on a grungy fire escape - Promotional photo for The Playground Theatre in Dayton, Ohio

In 1982, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the wealthy, articulate pot-smoking teenagers who were small children in the '60s have emerged as young adults in a country that has just resoundingly rejected everything they were brought up to believe in...

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