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Leslye Headland

Mar 08

- Mar 11 | 2018

A girl taking a drink of champagne at a Bachelorette party

Ten years out of high school, Regan, Gena and Katie convene in the luxurious bridal suite of their old friend, Becky, the night before her wedding in New York City. Fueled by jealousy and resentment, the girls embark on a night of debauchery...

The Tutors

Erica Lipez

Jan 04

- Jan 07 | 2018

A young man is sad and frustrated in a coffee shop

No one dreams of being a tutor: just ask Heidi, Toby, and Joe. While catering to the offspring of New York elite has forced them to confront the anticlimax of adulthood, these roommates are not ready to give up on their social networking startup—just yet...


Stephen Belber

Oct 19

- Oct 22 | 2017

A man just discovering his biggest secret has just been recorded.

Jon, an aspiring filmmaker on the verge of hitting it big, hooks up for the weekend with his best friend from high school, Vince, a volunteer fireman who makes his money selling dope. Jon's new film is being shown at a festival in Lansing, Michigan, and Vince has come from Oakland to see it. Over the course of the evening, Vince finally gets Jon to admit that ten years ago he did something terrible...

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