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The Library

Scott Z. Burns

Apr 25

- Apr 28 | 2019

A scary, silhouetted figure holds a gun in a promo photo for The Playground's co-production of The Library in Dayton, Ohio.

After Caitlin Gabriel survives a deadly shooting at her high school, she struggles to tell her story to her parents, the authorities, and anyone who will listen...


Leslye Headland

Feb 21

- Feb 24 | 2019

A man at the end of his rope is literally wrapped up in phone cords in a promo photo for The Playground's production of Assistance in Dayton, Ohio.

For these young assistants, life is an endless series of humiliations at the hands of their hellacious boss, a powerful uber-magnate...

The Feast

Cory Finley

Oct 25

- Oct 28 | 2018

Matt, Anna, and Man all ominously stare at the camera in a promo photo for The Playground's production of The Feast in Dayton, Ohio.

Matt and Anna’s relationship is going swimmingly, until the sewers under their apartment open up and begin to speak. The plumber is angry, Matt’s paintings are getting stranger, and a storm is gathering. An eerie comedy about what is real, what is not, and who knows.

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