Feb 21

- Feb 24 | 2019

The Story

(All of our show content will eventually be migrated to a new home at nervetheatre.org!) For these young assistants, life is an endless series of humiliations at the hands of their hellacious boss, a powerful uber-magnate. In rare moments of calm when the phone calls stop rolling, Nick and Nora and their traumatized co-workers question whether all their work will lead to success—or just more work. Leslye Headland’s ASSISTANCE is a biting, high-octane satire about our attraction to power and what we’re willing to sacrifice to stay in its orbit.

The Actors

Meet the cast of Assistance

A.J. Breslin
Chris Hahn
Jenna Gomes de Gruy
Lindsay Sherman
Rae Buchanan
Timothy Moore

The Crew

Meet the director, designers and crew members of Assistance

Jenna Valyn
Director, Set Designer, Soundtrack
Chris Hahn
Sound Designer
Chelsey Hall
Stage Manager
Neve Barker
Show Shadow / Backstage Crew

The Trailer

Filmed by our friends at Knack Creative


The Soundtrack

Film & Photography

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