Oct 24

- Oct 26 | 2019

The Story

Jewels returns to New Jersey after her father’s death and joins her mother and her sister Tess to prepare for the funeral. She returns home at the same time a hurricane is heading towards the Jersey shores. During these seven days, she also decides to visit four women: victims, lovers, and friends of her father, a Pentecostal pastor who lost his church and family in sexual scandal twenty years earlier. As she breaks their code of silence, Jewels finds herself in a poetic and magical world of Bible verses and hurricanes and a collection of childhood characters from Moses and Tinker Bell to Cinderella and the Little Mermaid. Together, Jewels and her friends, search for the faith she lost and the father she thought she knew.

The University of Dayton's logo in full color.

We are incredibly excited to be co-producing Stained Glass with the University of Dayton Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program.

The Actors

Meet the cast of Stained Glass

A.J. Breslin
Rae Buchanan
Jenna Valyn
Chris Hahn