Oct 19

- Oct 22 | 2017

The Synopsis

Jon, an aspiring filmmaker on the verge of hitting it big, hooks up for the weekend with his best friend from high school, Vince, a volunteer fireman who makes his money selling dope. Jon's new film is being shown at a festival in Lansing, Michigan, and Vince has come from Oakland to see it. Over the course of the evening, Vince finally gets Jon to admit that ten years ago he did something terrible. Beneath its suspenseful, high-stakes surface, TAPE examines questions of motive, memory, truth and perception.

The Actors

Meet the cast of Tape

Christopher Hahn, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of The Playground Theatre
Christopher Hahn
A.J. Breslin, resident artist at the Playground Theatre
A.J. Breslin
Tabitha Wharton, Actor at The Playground Theatre
Tabatha Wharton

The Crew

Meet the director, designers and crew members of Tape

Jenna Valyn Burnette - Co-Founder and Artistic Director of The Playground Theatre
Jenna Valyn
Melanie Brenner, a Stage Manager at The Playground Theatre
Melanie Brenner
Stage Manager
Derek Dunavent - Lighting Designer at The Playground Theatre
Derek Dunavent
Lighting Designer
Marley Masterson, The Playground Theatre
Marley Masterson
Season Intern

The Soundtrack

The Sponsor

The official sponsor for Tape, presented by The Playground Theatre, is Victoria Theatre Association's ImPACt Program. Victoria Theatre Association’s ImPACt program nurtures fledgling local arts groups by providing access to Victoria Theatre Association’s professional education, technical and marketing staff and renting theatre space at reduced rates. ImPACt mentors smaller companies through a three-year development as they prepare themselves for their next steps.