Jan 04

- Jan 07 | 2018

The Story

(All of our show content will eventually be migrated to a new home at nervetheatre.org!) No one dreams of being a tutor: just ask Heidi, Toby, and Joe. While catering to the offspring of New York elite has forced them to confront the anticlimax of adulthood, these roommates are not ready to give up on their social networking startup—just yet. When Heidi's online editing begins to invade her subconscious and a student crosses the line, all three friends might be in over their heads. A funny, heartfelt look at day jobs versus dream jobs and the people we count on to remind us of the difference.

The Actors

Meet the cast of The Tutors

Jenna Gomes de Gruy
Skyler McNeely
A.J. Breslin
Ryan Grissett
Boyang Zhang

The Crew

Meet the director, designers and crew members of The Tutors

Jenna Valyn
Chris Hahn
Co-Director • SM
Marley Masterson
Assistant SM
Derek Dunavent
Lighting Designer

The Trailer

Filmed by Knack Creative


The Soundtrack

Film & Photography

Knack Creative is a production company that creates photo and video work with substance. They know that having pretty pictures & videos isn't enough - we're all bombarded every day with content, so their goal is to let your voice be heard through the noise. It's about more than just creating content, it's about creating a positive emotional response to your story.


CreativeFuse is a creative solutions partner focused on building brands and engaging those who matter most. By fusing comprehensive strategies with stellar designs, they intentionally position brands and better your team through the process.

Season Sponsor

Victoria Theatre Association’s ImPACt program nurtures fledgling local arts groups by providing access to Victoria Theatre Association’s professional education, technical and marketing staff and renting theatre space at reduced rates. ImPACt mentors smaller companies through a three-year development as they prepare themselves for their next steps.