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The cast of The Playground's production of Bachelorette acting like they are wasted at a promo shoot in Dayton, Ohio.
The cast of The Playground's production of Jailbait posing outside with drinks in hand for a whimsical photoshoot.
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Welcome to The Playground

A place where adults explore what it means to be human through unfiltered storytelling. Our stripped down approach to theatre shines a spotlight on the messy parts of life that no one talks about and provides a space for grown-ups to try and figure out who they want to be when they grow up. From scraped knees to broken hearts, we’ve all been there and The Playground is here to tell the story.

"When you see something powerfully acted on stage, it hits a nerve in the way music hits a nerve, the way great sports games hit a nerve. Watching someone twelve feet from you falling in love or being abused…there’s something raw about that experience that you don’t get from film or TV. It’s the live experience. "

~ Adam Rapp